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Stuff I’m Loving This Week

I’ve spent this week gathering ideas and content, and in doing this, I’ve realised that one of my favourite things about other blogs is the weekly links to other sites… so I’ve decided to do the same thing here!


Fabulous venue, The Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand- I would love to get married here!- seen on Alice In Weddingland

An Open Letter From Your Bridesmaid- Well worth a read so you don’t get too bridezilla! – From DIY Bride

We Dare You Not To Look- This is just utterly adorable- From Emmaline Bride

Guest List Tips- This actually has some different content to the tips you see everywhere- From Every Last Detail

Not Your Boring Wedding Video- This is just fantastic!- From My Love Story

A New York City Fall Farm Wedding- I don’t think there’s a single bit of this that I don’t love! – From Green Wedding Shoes

Beet & Chèvre Ravioli Hearts- Perfect for Valentine’s Day! – From Petite Kitchenesse

Silhouette Accents for the Home- I’d love to have these in my house! The dachshund is particularly cool- From Better Homes & Gardens

Allan & Sarah-Jane’s Engagement Session- Such a gorgeous shoot! – From Jen Owens Images

Hamish & Katie’s Wedding- Those bridesmaids’ dresses are wonderful! – From Jodie Chapman

How To Freeze The Top Layer Of Your Wedding Cake- A useful how-to – From The Vegas Wedding Planner

Jenny & Tom’s Wedding- What a gorgeous vintage bride! – From Lillian & Leonard

Creative Shoot- Mmm, ice cream! – From Lily & Frank

Rock ‘n’ Roll Styled Shoot- I want to be this cool! – From Kat Forsyth

Angela & Richard Pre-Wedding Shoot- I’m not sure a couple’s love has ever been more evident- from ShutterLeaf

Weddings Around The World- Some amazing traditions here! – From Sour Cherry

How To Survive a Large Wedding Show- Especially useful at this time of year! – From McAvoy Photography

Laura’s Something New? – The great name-change debate- From Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


So, what do you all think? What’s your favourite of these links? I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Mrs AZ xx



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