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Tangerine Tango: Pantone’s Colour of The Year 2012

So… Pantone have released their 2012 colour of the year, and it’s Tangerine Tango.

Now, if I’m honest, this wouldn’t be my first choice of colour, but there’s a wedding colour for everyone, and this may well be yours.

Expect to see this colour EVERYWHERE in the coming months- from fashion to homewares, and even stationery.

You could go all out with this- think bright, vibrant, exotic feeling decor- or if you’re a bit more sedate, you could just have a flash of this colour, say for your shoes if you’re having a long dress, for a flower in your hair, or for your stationery- even just a touch of tangerine ribbon securing your napkins could look wonderful.

Take a look at my board to get a bit of inspiration

Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango by theazwedding
Let me know what you think- as always, I love to hear your opinions.
Later this week, I should have my first Real Wedding feature for you- how exciting!!
Mrs AZ x

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